Let’s do that again!

I’ve had a chance to sit and relax a bit after I finished everything for the last album. I have way more good reflections than bad, so I’m inclined to start this whole process again. The reaction to the first album was pretty fantastic so that was very fulfilling. Thank you to everyone who downloaded the album, commented on it, or just cranked it up. I listen to it all the time still, so at the very least it met my primary criteria – be an album I want to hear.

As I mentioned, I started writing new stuff as a way of procrastinating finishing, so that’s where I’m going to start with the new one. Like before, I’ll be pulling in some older demos and giving them the full band treatment, but I hope to have more brand new stuff this time around.

I’ve been doing preproduction type of stuff and that mainly consists of figuring out what songs I have, what songs I could have, and what remains to be written to get some of this stuff to a usable state.

I wrote most of the instrumental parts on the first album, but I was most excited about the parts other people came up with, so I’m going to leave plenty of room for collaboration this time around. Hopefully, that’ll result in more interesting things, but I’ll still try to maintain some clarity of vision for the project as a whole.

I’m happy to say that my core (James, Grant, Kevin) has expressed interest in reprising their roles, so that’s a pretty good start right there. I hope to include more special guests this time as well, so the scope of this thing could get well nigh unmaintainable, but I’d like to at least see where that line can be drawn.

I’ve given James, Grant, and Kevin copies of what I have so far. I’ve got way more than a single album, so I’ll probably be trimming stuff as I go and probably adding other things as they come along. I hope to start tracking drums in late January or early February, just like last time. Metroid Metal Live is playing at MAGFest again, and that’s taking place Jan 13-16, so we’re busy getting ready for that at the moment.

I’ll try to be better about writing about the process this time, but again, no promises. Thanks for sticking with me through the spotty updates.

Here we go…again!

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