Yes, Mayhem 3

I started work on material for a new album before HH2 was even completed. Depending on your outlook and disposition, you might say it’s been “maturing,” or “developing.” Other equally descriptive terms might be “languishing,” “festering,” or “never gonna happen.”

The truth is, we’ve been busy. Sure, day to day nonsense has a way of creeping in (and oh boy, does it), but we’ve all been legitimately busy with music stuff not specifically Mayhem – related. I tried to compile a list of all the things we’ve released individually since HH2 came out, but it’s unwieldy. I’ll hit a few high points:

James has released 3 solo albums:
Don’t Forget
Certified Organic
A Monotonous Work of Mind-Numbing Repetition

Grant has been a machine. I’m not going to even list all his stuff, just go look at his discography page on his website:
Notable works:
Where Good Marbles Go to Die

Viking Guitar Live: Legion
Metroid Metal: Other Album (Kevin and I are all up in, of course)
Lonely Rolling Stars: Carnivortex

We all did lots of work on the huge Spectrum of Mana album and the even huger Chronicles of Time album. We actually have two tracks credited as Yes, Mayhem on Chronicles of Time:
Chro-NO, You Di’int and Where the Monsters Hide

We had a Yes, Mayhem track on the Super VG Christmas Party album:
Northwall (Slight Return)

We also showed up on Danse Macabre 2:
Troll: Cantos Profane

Kevin and I have been hired gun rhythm section on a number of releases, including (but not limited to) Kevin’s first arrangement on the Sound Waves: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin album:
Squints of Medusa

This is a very incomplete list. There’s been a LOT.

Of course, as always, there were a number of high profile gigs that took up our music time as well. Metroid Metal went to Mexico and played a show entirely in Spanish. Kevin has an actual recurring house band gig. Somehow, though, the stars aligned, and we’ve had an opportunity to make some progress on a new Yes, Mayhem album. It’s happening.

Stay tuned…