Usually, one day I post a thing that says, “Oh yeah, the album is done, go get it.” Today is not that day, but I’m ready to share some details of what will happen on that day.

The new album, Yes Mayhem 3, is called “Molly.” The running length is around 50 minutes, and there are 13 tracks. I’m in the process of converting the bandcamp page over, so it’ll be weird looking in the short term. I’m working on it. There are also 7 bonus tracks if you download the entire album from Bandcamp. 4 of those are some of the tracks we’ve done (VGM and Soundtrack covers) since HH2, 1 is the original demo of one of the album songs, and 2 are things too silly to have been included on the album proper.

Here’s the cover:
Molly cover

Of course, in addition to the regulars, there are guests. There are new challengers in with some returning champions. I will list them now.

Jason Cox: noise composition
Chris Dlugosz: keys
Nate Horsfall: guitar
George Nowik: keys
Erik Peabody: guitar
Mike Willard: guitar

It’ll be “name your price” on Bandcamp again for the digital download. I’m going to do another short run of CDs, and those will be $10.