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I’m in Seattle right now, trying to soak in all that’s happened today.  Metroid Metal is playing the Penny Arcade Expo, and we flew into town, got checked in, got a tour of the facility, met MC Frontalot, saw Gabe and Tycho (though separately, and only walking past – actually, Gabe was running), and then a bunch of other stuff to get ready for the show tomorrow.  The staff here has been absolutely amazing.  We’ve been treated fantastically, and I’m pleased to report that one of my primary metrics for “making it” has been fulfilled: I didn’t have to carry my own gear to the gig.

In addition to all the Metroid Metal stuff going on, there’s also a bit of Yes Mayhem action as well.  Of course, since 3/4 of the core of the band is here, it only stands to reason that this would be so.  We’re handing out sampler CDs with songs from each of our projects.  The two I’ve chosen for the CD, I’ll also link here because they’re meant for anyone to hear to get a sense of what I’ve been doing these many months.  Both of these tracks were mixed by me, but mastered by Grant.

Naked Fight (this is slightly different from the one I posted before – it’s more “final”)


Also, as a web-only exclusive preview, I’ll include the other track I was debating.  This one was only sort of mastered by me.


That’s not on the sampler CD.

So, if you’re visiting as a result of picking up the sampler, welcome and thank you.  The full album will be available soon!

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