How much? Too much.

I bought some package from Musician’s Friend that included a whole bunch of free XLR cables I’ve been using for my drum mic setup. I’ve only had them a little while, but I’ve already replaced two of them because they just sort of go bad and introduce all sorts of noise and distortion into the recordings. I’m going to end up replacing all of them because another went out on me during the last couple of recording sessions. So, free is more than I can afford apparently.

That said, I’m now up to 4 demos recorded with a couple more songs ready to be worked out. Since I don’t have all the songs worked out completely like most of them were for the last album, I’m taking time to record, listen back, and live with them to decided what changes I need to make rather than just rush to tracking like Kevin wants to do. It gives me a chance to get James and Grant involved in the process a little more as well rather than just handing them finished tracks and saying “make a guitar noise here.”

So, I guess the moral of my story is, if you purchase a package from Musician’s Friend, and they offer to include free XLR cables, don’t expect to rely on them for anything other than maybe a clothesline.

One thought on “How much? Too much.

  1. Yeah, my free MF cables are the ones I let my cat chew on. Just so she feels involved in the recording process.

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