Distractions? More like DistROCKtions

Ok, I’ll go ahead and just apologize for that.

Updates have been slow in coming around here, and that’s because there haven’t been any to speak of.  My musical attention has been turned to another more high-profile project that has a more severe deadline.  We’re recording an album of Metroid Metal songs done by the full live band.  Basically, it’s an album of covers of covers.  I’ve been recording the drums and the bass, and I just recently finished all that.  The other guys are tossing their parts to Grant, and the whole thing is coming together pretty quickly.  The rough mixes I’ve heard so far sound great.

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Now that I’m finished with my work for that (barring any touch-ups or red0s), I’m back to working on my album.  I’m in the home stretch now, and I’m going to have to amend my laissez-faire approach to my collaborators.  “What you can, when you can” isn’t as good of an option anymore.

Metroid Metal is going to be playing PAX over Labor Day weekend, and I’d really like to have the album done by then so I can have it available there.  I haven’t really mentioned that to anyone, so it wasn’t as high priority as the MM album which we advertised WILL be available at PAX (and at this rate, it’ll be done well before then).

We’re also talking about putting together a “sampler” album with a few tracks from each of our other projects.  Grant may have a song or two from his new instrumental EP ready, Dan (the other one) may have some tracks from the new Armcannon album, Kirby may have some TSS tracks on there, and I’ve got a couple from this project I can put on there.  Of course, Kevin is on all but one of the tracks of my album, so he’ll be well represented on the sampler too.  This is all in the “hey what if” stage at this point, so it may not happen, so don’t hold me to that.