Like a Phoenix

Hopefully, my project isn’t in ashes just yet, but I’m still rising up and getting back at it after my Metroid Metal diversion.  For those of you interested in that (ie, everyone here most likely), that album is done.  I’ve been listening to what’s being called the “final master” and it sounds great.  When it finally drops, it’s going to drop hard.  The first week of September maybe?  I’m not sure.  It’s either right before or right after PAX.  We plan to have copies available there.

I’m in the home stretch now with tracking on my album.  I’ve got just a couple of outstanding tracks I’m waiting for, and as those come in, I’m mixing more.  I gave one of my songs, Tessellating, to James to see if he could add vocals.  That song is a departure for me in that it’s kind of open and loose, and he had a hard time deciding on a vocal melody.  It just so happens that I had an idea for that, so I played it for him on bass and sent it to him.  He came back with, “why don’t you just do that?”  So, that’s what I did.  That song now features a bass solo for almost the entire thing.  A few of the rough mixes I’ve done have featured it a little too prominently, and I’ve got to tone it back.  The sound I went for is pretty Cliff Burton-y, so maybe I should really do it right and completely bury it in the mix.  It’ll be interesting to see how that goes over.

I got in a bass melody mood and that coupled with a sudden nostalgia rush with Michael Jackson’s death caused me to do this (very rough) all-bass cover of “Ben”:

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  1. Soon. I’ve got a couple I’m going to include on the Metroid Metal “Side Project Sampler” which isn’t exactly an appropriate name, because MM is technically a side project for Kirby and Danimal. Basically, we’re putting together an album’s worth of material from our respective non-MM projects to give away at PAX. I’ll absolutely be making my contributions to that available soon. I just need to decide which songs to include!

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